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by Ashvini on March 13, 2012 · 2 comments

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Most of the entrepreneurs want to make a difference to the world and in the process gain reputation and make money.

Flying in a plane in India used to be only for rich until an entrepreneur Capt. Gopinath felt that flying should be accessible to everyone.  With the introduction of his low cost airline whose service level was almost equal to any standard airline, he was able to find the ultimate value. It was a vision around which he rallied people and thus made flying affordable.

In automobile industry, Mercedes stands for style while Volvo offers the ultimate in safety.

In technology industry, Intel has outperformed itself every time because their vision was about making computers faster and also to make them accessible to masses . Many technology companies such as Google, Apple and many others are examples of following the vision of their founders.

The ways these big companies work hold a lesson for small entrepreneurs like you and me. Most of these companies became big because of faith in their vision.

Every business needs a vision

Even your small business needs a vision. All great businesses had a clear cut vision. These businesses worked for fulfilling the objectives of the vision. Vision is like a guiding star for the ships in the sea of uncertainty.

Losing track of vision causes decline

When an organization loses track of the vision,  it once stood for, it starts declining and causing harm to consumers. There are plenty of examples where companies lost track of their vision and started working on money making schemes (think about a few banks and financial companies). They lost customer’s goodwill and alienated them.

A vision may not be just about making money

However a vision that is about only making money will not take your business to great heights. An entrepreneur feels great because her ideas get acceptance. Making money cannot be a vision, at least not from the entrepreneurial point of view. For her, money is just a tool that he can use to become successful not the end itself.

Find a vision you believe in

If you are a social entrepreneur, think of how you are going to change lives. If you are a tech enthusiast, imagine how you are going to leverage technology to make people’s life better. If you are a home business entrepreneur, think about how you can help others achieve success.

Having a vision may look like an intangible but as you can see that all big businesses of today were built on a vision . So start thinking about vision in which you believe in. Your business size does not matter. You can only lead people to believe in your vision if you believe in it yourself.

What is your opinion on organizations having a vision?

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Aswani March 19, 2012 at 8:35 am

Great post. Vision is a must for everyone. You have stated some very good examples where vision was everything. About your question on organizations having vision, I think it is a must. You cannot just keep moving with your eyes closed. Everything has to be planned first and your vision does help with the same. It must have been vision for organizations like Google, Apple which enabled them to do better and better. And finally, we see today where they are…!

karan March 18, 2012 at 11:20 pm

vision=dream I guess. I dream a lot(not talking about sleep here). And so do many other people. And I do agree that its really important. What you do to fulfill your vision is even more important IMO:)

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