What Comedy Central can teach about logo and colors?

Recently "Comedy central" TV channel launched itself in India. It was a lot of fun to watch a few of my favorite programs which till now could only be seen on internet. A few days back, I spent almost a full day watching various programs that were aired. What strike me are the snippets shown in-between programs where channels show a clip from one of their programs and also listing of show timings. It employs really simple marketing that I have ever seen. The logo of comedy central are two Cs one inside the inverted other and black/white in color( I think). The screen is often divided into two parts with one solid colors in each part. The logo looks great on all backgrounds. So if there is an orange background, it  covers half the screen with some words on it in contrast to the background. If the background becomes dark, the words changed colors to give the best contrast. The backgrounds colors keep on changing in variety. It is an interesting medley of colors. The most remarkable thing is that there is not transparency in colors.

What can such simple usage of colors can teach us?

We use up a lot of time in creating logo and working with transparencies to give them an aura. We then worry about using colors that become the ideal background to logo's foreground. Next, we twist and tweak the letters in logo as if we are trying to create an art out of them. Logos with twisted characters and lots of colors have another problem. They are costly to print. The more color you use, the more complicated your design is, the more difficult the printing becomes.  Logos need to be as easy as possible. It is nice if you can design a logo just by hand. Also logos are just starting point of your business. The way you conduct your business may lead to better recognition of logo and not vice versa.

This is my learning from Comedy Central awesome color play

  1. Create a very simple logo ( without twisted designs)
  2. Use contrasting colors with as much less transparency as possible
  3. Create business service or content that reinforces your logo