My new ebook is ready for download

I like to announce with pride my new eBook “30 Key guidelines to practical entrepreneurship”. The best part is that book is free to download for some time .

What the book is all about?

In this book, I have tried to touch upon two parts.
  1. The things entrepreneurs must do
  2. The things entrepreneurs need to avoid.
It is my attempt to raise entrepreneurs awareness  about things they need to know. Be it planning, costing or risk analysis. Every small thing not taken care of has a potential to become troublesome for entrepreneur’s business. But entrepreneurship is also about doing the right things, such as hiring great employees, keeping them motivated, celebrating small successes. Entrepreneurship is very challenging but it is fun at the same time. However entrepreneurs need guidance to make his venture successful. The first section has about 15 detailed steps about the things entrepreneurs need to do. It includes planning, attracting customers and keeping them and using social media to your advantage. A few of them are listed
  • Prepare yourself for entrepreneurship
  • Cultivate positive attitude and motivation
  • Spend time planning before executing
  • Position your product with right USP
The next section too has 15 detailed points about the things entrepreneurs should be wary of . They are waiting too long before shipping the product, spending a lot of money on mass advertising and failing to do risk analysis. I hope I will be able to raise your awareness about entrepreneurship and things you need to do to get a good start . This book will be available on kindle too soon. Download your copy only for a very short time by signing up at 30 Key Guidelines for successful entrepreneurship