Building great brands: Learning from Godrej

by Ashvini on May 2, 2012 · 15 comments

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Recently a very well known business group in India, Godrej, opened a few grocery stores around the country. One of the store is near my house.

Godrej has a great brand image in India. They have a huge product line and are highly trusted with customers in most of their businesses.  I would call this brand a silent brand because it efficiently finds it own space without causing any anxiety into a competitive marketplace.  It is a refreshing change from the way companies are on each others throat to make maximum profit.Godrej

Coming back to the retail shop, I found it very refreshing compared to some other poor quality grocery malls. Here are some noticeable things from the shop.

  • Stocking of  fresh quality products
  • No cluttering. No thousands of products per category.
  • Very friendly employees. They explain what store is about. They explain the product line. They even do home delivery :)
  • Nicely designed paper bags to carry your product (solves plastic bag problem)
  • They remember you even if you return after a month
  • They reinforce the message that they are opening new stores, which indicates their confidence
  • Their billing process is really easy. They have one employee packing everything neatly while other is busy finishing the billing. The time of waiting at the billing  is cut to half.

Shopping over  there is a breeze. I think that it is a very well thought out venture. It has all the  elements of quality, hygiene and customer responsiveness. Till now they have sparsely advertised their store. The trust that brand Godrej has generated since more than 100 years of its inception automatically pulls customer. They don’t have to shout to get your attention.

Companies spend a lot of money for advertising while letting customer down in the experience department. Great brands like Godrej have shown that patience and caring for customer is the best way to build strong brands over time.

And no, I have not been paid by anyone to write this post ;)

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