How to get a stuck project moving again ?

Projects often get stuck because people working in them cannot agree on the problem. It seems that many projects are into endless collisions of ego and full of supposedly insurmountable problems. Often these happen because a)  of involvement of ego b) desire to keep the status quo –> to keep the job or billing c) inability to deal with the people causing the problem. The issue is not often about “problem” itself, but about playing a game of one-upmanship. It is also about not seeing the other’s POV.  Problem is allowed to linger on. In the end, here how it gets “solved” a) One side being more connected and powerful dumps its problem on other side b) A compromise happens where the problem is ignored and solution is horrible c) The problem becomes so big that it threatens the project itself. All three situations are definitely not desirable. As a manager of your project, there is no one else to blame but yourself for allowing things to reach such levels. If the damage is done, following may be used as  a cure a) Tell the sparring teams/members how much it is in the interest of project that it be resolved –>gets them motivated b) Tell them how the resolution is connected to management’s perception of them –>gets them thinking about their career c) Tell them that you need a good solution and not "any" solution –>puts quality above everything else d) Tell them that they have your support and make it good –> shows your commitment e) Look out for the person who is the obstacle to solution. –> using effective diplomacy f) If needed get your hands dirty. Your team has got technical knowledge but you have the right perspective. –> true leadership Use motivation, show leadership but do not hesitate to use carrot and stick approach.