Your employees are your loyal customers and brand ambassadors

Companies and entrepreneurs spend a lot of money advertising their wares, with often mixed results. Often the purpose of such advertisements is to increase the mind-share of the customers. The objective is to win the customer’s trust and to sell the business concept’s to them. There is often an ignored side of any business that is already “sold to” and probably talk about your business more than anyone else. They are your employees. Employees are your "customers" who will not need any advertising dollar to be spent to be converted. Why is that so?

#1 : They already work with you

They spend their large part of lives in your office. There could be two reason they choose to do so a) they find working at your place worth it b) probably they can’t( or don’t want to ) find job anywhere else ;) I am positive that most employees fall in ( a ) category. They enjoy working at your place that is why they are sticking with you

#2: They are selling products that your company makes

Its really hard to sell products that your employees don’t believe in. Sure they could sell lousy products but in the long run it will not be all good. Employees who have a long association and feel proud about working often sell more than others.

#3: They explain your business to their family and friends

At one of the company I worked at, it was hard to explain about the product because it was quite technical. However it did not stop me talking to my friends , families and relative about it. It was not easy to make them understand but they learned something new and enjoyed it. I was thus able to extend the reach of the brand. I am sure other employees are happy to talk about the place they work in and don't mind a little "show-off".

#4: They talk about your products to prospects and future customers

Nothing is like an employee confident about his company he is working at. When an employee invested in your product speaks to customers, vendors and everyone else, it is from his/her knowledge and not from a written script. This helps a lot in raising the brand value.

#5: They get the feedback for you

Usually employees are the first to know if there is anything wrong or right with the product. If your company is open to feedback, you will get it from your employees. You may use this to improve your product.

#6: They might become buyers

If your employees like your product and they can afford them, they will be the most willing buyers. They will do it repeatedly because they believe in it. It is really hard to ignore such a great customer segment. You may do so at your own peril. What do you feel about this theory? Let me know in the comments below. Free images from