Is it good for an entrepreneur to be involved in multiple projects?

Entrepreneurs ( which include me ) are fickle people. One day you will find them doing thing A, while the other day thing B and then thing C. If you ever ask them , what they are currently doing , you will get the answer which probably goes as “Something interesting” or "something different". Entrepreneurship is an occupation that is high on variables. An entrepreneur often starts something passionately , only to lose it in between because it is not working out or that he has lost the patience to see it through. Entrepreneurs often are involved in multiple projects because they are excited by the myriad ways that can make things different and cool. For example, one entrepreneur I know, is doing great with his blog. However I have seen that he is also involved in doing many other things such as providing services on fiverr and also creating applications for android. Entrepreneurship is often like a trial and error method. You start one thing, then if it fails to take off, move to another. There is nothing certain or fixed about it. It is like reaching the top of mountain of success( money, fame or whatever else) by different routes. There is essentially nothing wrong with what entrepreneurs seem to be doing. One never gets success never in the way he desires it. The evolution of work consists of steps some of which sometimes seem completely random but are not.Often, to support his most beloved project, an entrepreneur may need to work on something else , for example to gain expertise or to create adequate financial support . It is not really uncommon that often founders of a venture need to involve themselves in running the project. That means they have to interact with customers, do software coding and tackle other mundane matter. People may find it amusing that entrepreneurs often give incoherent answers to the question about their ventures. It is because till the entrepreneur achieves  reasonable success, he probably would not like to talk about his work. That takes us to the question " Is it alright for entrepreneur to be involved in many activities rather than focusing on only one at a time". I think it is perfectly alright, provided they do not become the distractions themselves.
  1. Entrepreneur needs to keep the focus on big picture
  2. He or she has to realize that success may appear in different form than what he originally thought
  3. He needs to be flexible and open to changes
  4. There are many paths to success and entrepreneur need not discard them in favor of one.
  5. Learning lessons and moving on is important rather than worrying over a failure