Loudness may be not the best way to attract customers

Despite a general restriction on the telemarketing calls , I sometimes receive calls from telemarketers. It is now far better than those days when calls flooded my and every one else’s cell phones. It was a rumor that once even India’s top politician got a call asking him to avail of a home loan. It must have been quite hilarious. The marketers and advertisers take delight in how loud they can be. They believe being loud makes people listen to them . Once, I saw a movie ad on the floors of a mall. If you were walking , you would not miss the ads. The movie fell flat on its face. On the other hand, movies like the “Dark Night Rises” are eagerly awaited, years after the the announcement of start of their making. Saturation happens when there are many loud voices which becomes a cacophony. The only thing customer would want to do then is to  look the other away. Mass advertising is like shooting in all the directions, hoping for a hit. Most of the time it fails to work. The reason are obvious, a) too many messages b) too much loudness. Social media and emails are new ways to connect with your customers. Companies can personalize messages, increase interaction but  end up flooding personal spaces by saying too much. They might still get  a few customers but then that crowd is steadily declining. When there is something new to offer, you would like to say it as loudly as possible because that is the only way to get attention. However, remember, it is getting difficult everyday to get the attention. Instead the companies that connect with customers and delivers things as promised get all the attention. In my case, the telemarketer rarely gets my time beyond initial introduction. ( I got a telemarketer's call while writing this post ).