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by Ashvini on September 19, 2012

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The world of IT seems to move at frightening speeds in some cases, yet many IT departments do not apply a forward-thinking approach to their own processes.

So, while the technology being used by staff members and the IT professionals in question may be at the very forefront of the 21st century, the way in which problems or planning issues are dealt with is strictly 20th century.

clip_image002In a society where everything from to-do lists to specialist social networks have their own digital platforms, it seems crazy to rely on spread sheets and print-outs when it comes to the resolution of technical glitches or the management of IT assets. By aligning services with an information technology infrastructure library (ITIL)-based system, tasks can be automated to a degree.

Make the change

It is all very well saying that a firm needs to bring its IT desk up to date, but when it comes to ITIL change management your fellow managers may need some convincing in order to shake things up in this way, even if it could mean a more efficient system being introduced.

Be sure to produce an impact assessment or direct comparison between the way your operations work currently and the manner in which an ITIL-based system would change things. It is not enough to point out the problems you currently face when dealing with IT requests – investigate how automation and digital substitutes could improve productivity.


The advantages of introducing a digital platform largely revolve around the set processes that such a system brings to your operations. You are essentially working within a pre-established structure that will help you make sure each task is categorised correctly and dealt with from beginning to end.

This can relate to all sorts of IT topics, from fixing bugs in individual devices to the broader topic of IT asset management – which can be an overwhelming challenge to people who approach it without any support.

For businesses keen to stay on top of their IT needs, there are plenty of opportunities, threats and relevant factors to be aware of; harnessing the power of digital technology in an organisational sense just makes this job a little easier.

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John Stephen is a consultant. He is also an IT Support Technician, Internet Marketer and he loves to research with access software. He recommends http://www.kaseya.co.uk/ which provides the resources on strategic business goals while maintaining the availability, security and stability of your IT environment.

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