Make technology easier to understand

One of the important purpose of a website is not only to showcase its good stuff (products/testimonials) but also to inform and educate them. It is often wrong to assume that people who visit the site are always aware of things they are looking for. Customers are at different stages of sales life-cycle. Someone who is at your site just  to know what you have been up to is also a potential customer. Customers fall into “just looking ”, “exploring options” or “ready for purchase” segments. It would be fallacious to assume that people who come to your site are just the latter two and that they know everything about your business or what it serves. People who are “just looking” are the ones who are most neglected. They may have money to purchase the product but probably do not know about the value it can provide. It would be a sin if the website is not able to make things easy for them . My father had no interest in purchasing a tablet like many others his age who keep technology at an arms distance. I knew that it would increase his productivity even though he was not aware of it  So it took me some teaching to help him learn about the device. Now he knows to operate it very well and making full use of it. It is because technology is not easily documented that people find it hard to understand it. If one wants to reach larger audience
  1. Create tutorial videos
  2. Create simple documentation
  3. Use remote desktop software to help them
  4. Send an employee to their home to explain things to them
  5. Create excitement about your product. Make it look cool.
Make it easy . Make it as simple as possible. Do not for a moment assume that people will know or understand what you are trying to tell them . Talk in their language. You will definitely get more customers.