Does your business generate nostalgia?

by Ashvini on October 3, 2012 · 2 comments

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While driving around the city, I had a not so familiar sighting. At the corner of a well known idli shop stood a very expensive car driven by a sophisticated chauffeur.


The occupants of the car were seated inside the shop stuffing themselves with hot and steaming idlis.

It was unusual because the hotel they were staying at, is one of the best hotels in Bangalore (to the best of my knowledge). They could have got any dish delivered right to their room. It would have cost them at least $100 worth of car hire to eat idlis which cost less than $1 per person.

In my opinion ( and there could have been other reasons), the main reason for them to come to the eating joint is that probably someone in the family loved going there in the childhood. Those happy feelings often come back gushing as nostalgia.

In my childhood, we ( my cousins and I) used to eat ice creams delivered by a person using a hand pushed cart. It was very cost effective(for us money rationed kids )  and  it tasted very good. Whenever the ice cream cart arrived, we  rushed out to buy those conical “kulifs”. However later on someone in my group fell ill after eating the ice cream and it was the end of street ice cream for all kids.

Recently I saw the same cart with the same name( maybe the name got popular) and it brought nostalgia rushing back to me.

If you ever visit a place and are more than impressed by the people, their hospitality or business standards, you will not only only go there again but  also you will  recommend the place to many others.

Now if you had a business, could you generate such a nostalgia? Think about it.

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Jeevan Jacob John October 4, 2012 at 9:45 pm

Hmm, Nostalgia. You gave me something to think about, Ashvini (To be honest, I have never thought about that; guess I could do it now and associate it with my new blog – but, what I am thinking is more of a habit. You know, create the cue and the reward for the readers, let them follow the routine to achieve the reward),

Appreciate the thoughts, Ashvini ;)


Ashvini Kumar Saxena October 8, 2012 at 7:43 pm

You are welcome Jeevan. Nostalgia alone can be big driver of customers to your shop. Remember any of the shop you used to visit? Do it again and you will see why you like to go back there. Your blog can definitely drive people to come again and again. All you have to offer is great content. That you are already doing my friend :)

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