10 things that make technology look positive

Technology will keep advancing and people will have to catchup. That has been the reality from time immemorial. Technology causes loss of jobs, migrations of workforce and hardship including many others. That is one way to look at it. Another way is to look at the positives.
  1. It enables people to spread their voice ( negative or positive, that depends)
  2. It helps prevent and cure dreadful diseases
  3. It helps better global integration. Even if I cannot or don’t want to travel to another end of earth, I can still make friends with them
  4. It opens up new ideas for innovation by lowering costs and extending reach systematically
  5. It provides new global markets for your products and service
  6. It makes competition truly global. Be lean and mean , or you wont survive
  7. It creates new jobs by creating new skills and demand for them
  8. It allows collaboration between the best minds in the world
  9. It helps overcome mundane work so that you can do something else, probably more productive
  10. It helps you find groups with whom you share common interest, across the world
Now its up to you to decide how do you plan to utilize it.