Last minute tweaking does not make sense

by Ashvini on October 12, 2012 · 2 comments

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Often most of the tweaks happen just before product launch. At the start of the project, the team is focussed on delivering the project within specified requirements. However soon scope is slowly widened and all hell breaks lose.

A known fact a is that you cannot be all to everyone. You can not develop everything before you go to the market because it may be too late.

It is however difficult to understand what happens at the eve (or just before that) of product launch. Someone comes up with an idea that if something extra is added to the outgoing product, it will become more appealing to the customers. If features are enhanced a little bit then the sales will increase.

In my opinion , there is a point beyond which a team cannot improve the product just before launch. Last minute changes ( unless they are bugs/errors) may cause products to be tested in hurry, leading to failure at the launch.

The best strategy is to stick with what was planned and avoid last minute changes. If something needs to change, then people asking for the change need to give very strong supporting reason otherwise the change should be moved to next version maybe. That is the time the senior management needs to show the leadership and say “no” to new requirements that keep cropping uo.

If you are an entrepreneur, then you need to resist the urge to make the product all encompassing before it goes out to the market.

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Adrienne October 16, 2012 at 9:29 pm

I just read a post yesterday about some of the things that just happened behind a product launch. What could have been improved, what went wrong, etc. For the most part there was no last minute tweaking but there was room for improvement.

Looking back on all product launches, isn’t that usually how it goes? We wish we could have done better or added this… No one is ever truly satisfied so stop worrying about it and just do the best you can at the time.


Ashvini Kumar Saxena October 19, 2012 at 4:19 pm

Very true Adrienne.
I also believe that there is always a scope for improvement. But often in product development, at the last stage , some one want a change that will alter product in a significant way. A lot of time is thus lost when you have to redesign, re-implement and test it again. A good way to resolve it is that the changes can be moved to next release. That way things can be planned better. Doing too many tweakings at the end may cause significant quality issues. That was the point of the article.
So as you said do your best, which is the best way to go with the product launches.

Thanks for the awesome comment. See you soon at your blog:)

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