How to lose customers and deny good publicity to yourself

This is not a big blog, like other huge media backed blogs. It has got a small audience who are probably interested in things I write. Once I asked an entrepreneur, if I could feature his story on this blog.My idea was to get him a little exposure and also to get some variety in topics I cover. The entrepreneur gave me his business card and agreed to call me up someday. I reminded him twice but never got enthusiastic response. In another case, I met an owner of a music memorabilia shop. I was quite keen to know about his business, being a music enthusiast. I was his shop's customer as well. I offered to feature his story on the blog. Unfortunately, I received no response till now.

Contrast this with below

I wrote once about a big corporate brand. The person in charge of social media sent me a thank you mail. Coming from a big corporate company, it was quite a surprise. But the company knew that I was not only a customer, a (small time) blogger but also a brand ambassador. If big companies are willing to go to such an extent, I wonder why small entrepreneurs are not doing it. Why they are not courting publicity? Why they are letting go of connecting to yet another group of loyal customers?

Why would someone say some good words?

If someone writes to me about something  I did for them , I would like them to tell it to their friends and family. (That is what linked in recommendations and endorsements are all about). After all, who does not like a little ( good ) publicity. It helps you keep motivated and also helps grow your business. Thus, every little bit counts.If someone writes about you it is a proof that someone likes what you are doing. Everyday , competition gets fiercer. The only way one could survive is by being in touch with brand ambassadors. Entrepreneurs need to be expert in such strategy. They cannot afford to alienate their loyal customers. They need as much publicity as they can afford. Even from a small blog.