How well defined is your goal ?

by Ashvini on November 7, 2012

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There is a fantastic book I have read recently. It is called as The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement. It is a well known book and for right reasons. One of the most important takeaway from the book is the concept of goal itself.

The goal forms an important part of anything that we do in life, right from working on personal stuff to running the business. Often the goal is sacrificed because of too many distractions. Distraction happen because the demands from competing interest takes over what is important. The important is to get the product out, let customers have a taste of it, give feedback and let the interest develop.

Distractions happen when there is too much emphasis on market research and lesser on customer experience. Distractions happen when a person who is influential demands last minute changes.

Every entrepreneur needs to have a well defined goals especially in product development stage. Important part of that goal needs to be “Get the product out soon to the market”. Goal can be modified but only after a careful thought and not because of whims of anyone important.

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