Upgrade from manager 3.0 to leader 1.0

by Ashvini on November 8, 2012

in Leadership

Manager 3.0 is an arbitrary version. One could be at 1.0 , 2.0 or at any level in being a manager. A manager’s task is simple. Just make sure everything you have been assigned is complete within time and budget.

The post leadership is different than management explained that in times like today, management may be necessary to keep a company profitable but not sufficient enough to take it higher level of experience.

During my corporate stint, I saw quite a bit of management and very less of leadership. The main emphasis was  that deadlines are met and things are delivered on time. Managers were rewarded on that . However to achieve incredible efficiency and create superior products, managers have to become leaders.

How to turn yourself into a leader 1.0?

To turn into a leader , manager may ask following question to himself.

  • How about delivering superior quality products that everyone notice ( a la Steve Jobs in Apple) ?
  • How about getting the most out of the people that work for you ( a la Richard Branson )?
  • How about being proactive and making things happen?

To bring the change, a manager needs to develop at least these three things

  1. Radical thinking
  2. Focus on making things better
  3. Focus on people

Radical thinking happens when problems appear. A resourceful manager takes charge and uses all resources, contacts and networks at his / her disposal to solve the problem. He  provides his unique approach and insight and learns from the incident. He utilizes his experience and others to create innovative solutions.

A manager who wishes to be a leader will create best practices for whole organization. That means more effort in planning , lesser in problem resolution. He or she  will often add value above that is expected.

Nothing much can happen if the manager is not people oriented. It does not mean  pandering to unreasonable demands(if any) of the employees. It is about spotting the talent in the employees and their motivation to work. Then using those talents creatively to achieve the best performance. It is about creating a positive work environment in the workplace.

These three points are not exhaustive but they are a good start.

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