Will you be an undercover boss?

A very interesting series on TV , the undercover boss takes one through a emotional tumbling ride. Top level ( CX and VP) managers are disguised as common people(minus all the suits) and sent to work with the folks who are at the bottom of organizational hierarchy. In this role they learn about what they couldn’t if they were just sitting in their plush air conditioned offices. One of the particular episode struck me when there was a guy who needs to clean as many toilets as possible in shortest time( I cannot find the video). Needless to say our CEO failed in that job. In another episode, a disguised top level officer was so sad by the hard working conditions of a woman employee that he broke down, removed his disguise and awarded her a raise.   Watch it , I was moved. The question is how many of managers really break the rank to reach out to the most vulnerable section of employees. With or without disguise can they make a difference? Its an interesting and hard hitting serial. Watch it!!!