What has age got to do with it?

by Ashvini on November 21, 2012

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Recently a corporate honcho declared that he could get more value out of youngsters than out of thirty plus something workers. It is another fact that his company employs PHDs and post graduates all around the world, to design and creates products. I don’t really know PHDs who are in their lower twenties.

In my opinion, everyone has a place in an organization irrespective of race, gender and age. I was a different person when I was eighteen. I am a different person in my thirties . I often take legal suggestions from my father who has better experience than me in those matters. With age things change, new competencies emerge, old competencies fade away.

Value is often a subjective concept till you analyze value delivered by each group in your company. If one owns a young start-up, hiring a CFO with a lot of financial experience may not be on the priority list. But as the company grows to become bigger, there will be need for experienced hands. Most of the time , one needs to have the right mixture of experience and youth.

Even in most technology oriented companies, the parts of selling, marketing and managing finances may go to the experienced while innovation may remain with younger generation. As a leader and entrepreneur, its your job to maintain that balance.

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