Are you slacking off after success?

by Ashvini on November 28, 2012 · 8 comments

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Similar to life, whether we want or not , business is a race. Even giants in business are in race to be ahead of the competition.

I often ordered food from an online site that facilitated delivery of food from restaurant to home. It got quite popular but then started slacking off. That means longer wait time on phone, lack of urgency to solve issues and general apathy. They started missing order deliveries and failed to take any steps to rectify. I searched for alternative and to my surprise found a site that I could order from a restaurant that I always liked. Now the site has become my choice for ordering food.

It often happens that companies when they become successful start taking customers for granted. This can happen when they are either monopolies or when they are market leaders. In this case unfortunately ( or rather sadly) , the site that now does not work well is run by entrepreneurs. It got early success and it was fairly customer friendly when it was launched.

It is impossible to be only a single company in a market. There are always competitors who are willing to overthrow the leader . A good product is must to be at top. However being fair and acting on customer’s concern and showing urgency is also high up there. If you fail to do so , either customer will find your competitors or vice versa.

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