Is your business, the business of value deduction?

by Ashvini on December 5, 2012 · 7 comments

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It is hard to work with a business entity on which your business depends upon and which seems unreasonable.

A number of banks in India levy a large number of charges. So for example , one could be charged because he has gone to the bank for a transaction while another could be charged for not maintaining a minimum balance.

Before Indian economy was liberalized, the most difficult thing was to navigate through a bank that had umpteen files blocking the way. The process of banking was slow and clumsy. However it still worked and the banks were more socially oriented and lesser inclined to fleece the customers  with various fees and charges. With privatization one thinks things would become better. It did for a certain extent. No longer one needed to stand in the queue. A person could log in from his home and conduct all his business online.

However slowly charges started appearing. You can be fined if you do comply with often unreasonable demands of banks. talks about various charges that are levied when you interact with banks or many other entities.

The most irrational charge that is levied by a bank, according to me, is the “Prepayment penalty” when a person availing the loan wants to payback his/her loan much before than agreed time period. To me it is a risk reduction for the bank when buyer wants to payback the amount early as the money can be utilized somewhere else. To bank it is loss of money in the form of lost interest.

Leaving the banks aside, the situation is same for other industries where people are charged small amounts as a percentage of the transaction value. A ticketing company charges “convenience fee” for ordering tickets online even though the cost of delivering the ticket online is almost zero.

In a few restaurants, stealth service charges ( whether you got the service or not) have crept it. Even though Indians are not knows as good tippers, tipping should not be forced on anyone.

The value of business does not grow if you own a business that increases the cost of transaction for your customers. Hidden charges often appear later ( or are located in a really fine print) and the customer definitely notices an increase in the bill. Customer may reduce either the transaction amount or transaction volume ( times transaction is done). Or the customer may be disinclined to do business with you. ( Like one bank deducted my money for not keeping a minimum balance). I would not do business with that bank again. Its their loss.

Hidden charges without any value addition are “value deductors”. They not only appear unfair and one sided but also do not do anything to make customers spend more and willingly. Instead customer avoids doing business and look for alternatives.

There are better ways to make customer pay rather than penalizing them for small infractions. Adding value is far better than deducting value by means of penalties.

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Veronica December 19, 2012 at 11:27 am

I guess this is a problem we all have. We’re being charged without even knowing why. It might just be for a couple of dollars but at the end of the day these small amounts turn ino big ones.

Ashvini Kumar Saxena December 21, 2012 at 4:36 pm

Hi Veronica,

Yes these small changes must be adding up to a large sum. I agree with you.

Emilia December 18, 2012 at 5:13 pm

Hidden charges are such a big no-no. I think that the best way to maintain customers is taking away those hidden charges that might kill the sales. Thanks for making such an informative blog!

Ashvini Kumar Saxena December 21, 2012 at 4:41 pm

Hi Emilia,
Yes, I do not like these hidden charges at all. They appear dishonest and increases customer distrust. A business will need that trust when something goes horribly wrong. At times like these people will understand that business is honest. Otherwise the backlash would be huge.

Calra December 18, 2012 at 12:46 pm

Good job on the post! I think hidden charges will make customers to regret purchasing. I personally do not want to purchase on the same store whenever I experienced some hidden charges with them. Thanks for sharing this to us!

Sapna December 5, 2012 at 11:30 pm

Hi Ashvini

You have pointed in the right direction, these small hidden charges are at times value deductors.

I have faced the TIP dilemma many times here in Delhi, the waiters will queue in front of you and won’t get back without taking your precious little, I at times get really bugged down.

Banks really have mastered the art of deductions at will. There are so many charges levied at times.

Thanks for sharing the wonderful info.


Adrienne December 5, 2012 at 9:28 pm

Boy Ashvini, I definitely agree with you there.

Hidden charges are always popping up for the most ridiculous things and I think that most people just think it’s something they purchased or was warranted so they ignore it and go about their business. I’m not one of those people.

I also get really ticked when a restaurant automatically includes the tip whether I believe the service was worth it or not. I’m the person that will call the manager over to the table with the wait staff and inform them that I’m not paying that tip and why. Yeah, you probably didn’t know that about me but I refused to be ripped off by anyone. I’m not afraid to speak up either and let them know my opinion.

Just like you and the bank, I would move my service someplace else too. If you can’t treat your customers right then you don’t deserve them. Hey, that’s just my opinion but I know I’m not alone.

Hope you’re having a great week and thanks for bringing this to light!


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