Being in business is hard work

I am often asked how much I earned after I moved out from my job roughly three years back. I tell them, not much. It is much easier to earn while being on a job. A pay check arrives on your desk at the end of the month, irrespective of the work that you did the whole month.

Being on your own, being burnt in business is not an easy thing to bear. There are frustrations, there are times when you want to quit and go back to those safe shores. It’s not easy to keep going on and on when all you have to do is learn and apply. Sometimes you wish that results appear faster as you apply the learning. Most of the times, results still don’t come and one wonders, what is it that someone is doing wrong.

I have seen many blogger friends quit in two plus years of this blog coming into existence. They had great ideas, viewpoints and imagination. Probably they got burned out and could not find enough motivation to keep going. It must have been really hard decision for them because they had invested months into building relationship with fellow bloggers and develop an online reputation.

We need to know that starting a business is something that is quite different from a job. A business everything is yours to keep (your reputation and profits included). Even your frustrations and slow progress are mostly yours. Business is really a long term commitment and it can never replace a day job. So before you make that commitment, be aware that journey is going to be hard and rocky.

On the positive side, you will enjoy what you do, feel proud about the things you create and the reputation that you gain ( and it is not just rationalization) . It just takes an enormous amount of time and patience to get somewhere.

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  • As you say, it’s time consuming, energy consuming and doesn’t always earn what one may want, but it’s your own business.

    I was mentioning a client who always pays, but it takes about 6 weeks. Friends said: oh, but what if you have to pay your bills? Then don’t go into business, I say. It takes a certain temperament. I truly appreciate this particular client – reliable and always a thank you!

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    • Hi Leora,

      Thanks for your comment. Its hard to explain to people that business does not guarantee instant results. It is often years of hard work that yield the results. I am glad that you have added your thoughts about the argument .

      Wish you a happy new year :)

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