Engaging with social media for good

The difference between social media and main stream media is this. Social media is allowed to say whatever it wants to ( negative or positive). It does not matter how many laws are made, its hard to curb it. At social media, everyone is just like a newspaper or a publisher. Everyone can dig a story that can turn out to be so popular that even mainstream media maybe forced to take notice. Social media may be equally troublesome as many of these stories are unverified and often cause troubles for the person or the brand. The over used ( and which I often dislike) cliché is “You may love it or hate it but you cannot ignore it” . The only way to be not concerned is to be not involved at all. That seems difficult because social media is everywhere and hard to ignore.

Any thing positive for social media ?

The answer: plenty. A brand by refusing to engage with audience because it fears backlash, allows great engagement opportunities pass by. For example, a Facebook page which has got a million likes, means one single post is shared among ( and probably read by) a million people ( imagine the possibilities ). Another mistake by the brand owners, is to keep the Facebook wall closed for posting by others.( I realized this a few days back and now the Facebook wall for this blog is open to sharing by others, a honest mistake). By doing this, the brand has a great chance to develop a standing that it would otherwise have to spend millions of dollars. A smaller brand can get exposure without breaking the wallet ( or purse) ( a process that was previously reserved for only big brands). The important point is to engage more with the audience , talk to them ( and listen ) and share interesting stuff( that is what I plan to do the next year ).