Entrepreneurs and the need to spend time on marketing

Entrepreneurs feel stressed about making money. They specialize something that is often unique, it takes a long time before they make a dime. In my interaction with entrepreneurs across the world, I have seen them unwilling ( or at least reluctant) to acknowledge that they have are stressed out by lack of money. But I know they are.

Entrepreneur is about taking risk. Many times, risk gets rewards but sometimes it has a negative side too. For example. the product fails to take off or there is some other problem. The entrepreneurs is then left behind with a failed venture lesser money in the pocket.

Most entrepreneurs however do not care. They are in there not for money ( or it has low priority). Most of them are there to change the world in their own way. They are excited, passionate about work and often indifferent to the downside of risk taking. They want the world to see what they have done and probably feel as excited about the end product as they are.

I believe, that there are many crazy entrepreneurs working in their garage, homes or caves, trying to invent things that will bring us new ways of dealing with life’s problems. They , in this madness, often fail to notice that a good idea often does not sell by itself and that they need to package and market it. Lots of products fail because of poor marketing.

Need for marketing

Entrepreneurs need to develop a balanced approach to earn some rewards for the efforts they have been putting. Here is what they need to learn besides just developing great product.

  • Better planning
  • Avoiding perfection at the cost of shipping the product
  • Learning about marketing
  • Packaging and selling

Entrepreneurs, despite failures, will continue churning out things that they feel will change the world. If only they spend some more time on the bullet points , they will be far more successful.

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  • Marketing is obviously very important. Entrepreneurs need to realize that people will not come and check the products by themselves, rather its the sole responsibility of the entrepreneurs to market their products in the right way and reach out to the people in time. Always remember “Marketing is a necessity not an option”.

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  • I also like to read new stuff about this field, as well stated by Christian, because the field is emerging daily and new techniques appear daily. The fact is that you have to be highly motivated to continue as an entrepreneur, especially when you are working from home.

  • I wholeheartedly agree with you Ashvini which is why I’ve structured my week the way I have (how?!!? Well, come to the LFI hangout on the 16th and I’ll share!) I know how easy it is as solopreneurs as some people call them, to forget to work ON the business and get caught up working IN it. Discipline is necessary too – particularly when it comes to taking time to educate yourself (which I’m counting on your book to do for me, among other resources I’ve been amassing!)
    “I have seen them unwilling ( or at least reluctant) to acknowledge that they have are stressed out by lack of money. But I know they are.” Well said!

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    • Thanks Lori. Being a businesswoman yourself, you have shed the light on the topic well. I think it is important to look at creating assets from the business and then marketing them well. This is what we discussed last time in the hangout. Glad that you are getting some help from my book :).

  • You are so right! Entrepreneurs are always stressed. I personally have days when I simply go crazy and lose all hope and days when I feel like the world is mine.

    Constant learning is definitely a MUST. This field changes day by day so you always need to keep your eyes opened for the new stuff that comes along.

    • Hi Christian,

      It happens to all of us . The remedy is to understand that these things are part of the game. Then we can have peace. Thanks for your comments.

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