Blogger friends who kept the light shining

This blog is now more than 2+ years old. Its done well at least by the fact that it managed to survive and build a small community around it. Well none of it would have been easy if it were not wisdom and friendship of a few, who have stayed on with me in this journey. They have been source of inspiration, wisdom, tips, hacks and everything else under the sun. The best part is that they are putting their knowledge about blogging , business , tech and life for the benefit of the world. They spend days and nights to hear from the world and to engage with their readers. All out of love of helping others. I have compiled a list of my blogging friends. Unfortunately a lot of bloggers whom I interacted with last year took their blog offline or stopped writing. The listers below however kept marching on, building new relationship and gaining respect in the cyber-world.  Let us see who they are:

Adrienne Smith

Adrienne Smith of has been a great friend for over two years now. Her blog is like an encyclopaedia of everything about blogging. She is a very kind person who will answer your queries like a good friend would do. Go to her blog to get tonnes of information on blogging wisdom

Carolyn Nicander Mohr

Carolyn Nicander Mohr of If you want honest and detailed review of all things “tech” , you must visit her blog. She is a great friend too and inspiration, visionary for my wordpress plugin software development. If you are into tech, you can always be updated with latest at her blog.

Lori Gosselin

Lori Gosselin of writes about life’s situation. Whether you are stuck in a problem or you have something positive to say, you can say it all there. With a lot of thought provoking posts , she helps us make sense of the world. She is a business women too and sells Terra Cotta pendants at

Sonia Winland

Sonia Winland of : Her blog is all about passion and energy to be a successful entrepreneur. She herself is an entrepreneur having tried her hand at various business. An awesome friend too . Her blog is full of wisdom from her experience.

Daria Steigman

Daria Steigman of : Daria writes about business , being a businesswomen herself. She provides some great insights into workings of business and gives us a lot of tips on creating great businesses. Her blog is the one I look at when I run out of ideas ;) . If you want to learn about business, learn from no one other than her.

Jan Bierens

Jan Bierens of Jan writes about technology and his posts are very thought provoking. He adds a dash of humour to make his point and often succeeds in making you smile. A great guy to hang out with ( if I was in Holland ever :) ). Thanks Jan for your awesome posts.

Swami Ji Balendu

Swami Ji Balendu of : Swami ji writes about ills of superstition and intolerance that is pervading all around us. He has a direct and logical style of writing which makes a great impact on you. He is a great friend and guide. Recently his little daughter completed one year. Congratulations for that Swami Ji.

Hemanth K

Hemanth K of : Hemanth is owner of tech blog and is passionate about mobile technology . He loves Windows phones but also keeps an open mind about other technologies. I hope he provides us with more of his tech knowledge in this year. I enjoyed communicating with you all and hope this continues this year too. Thanks all for making blogging world such an awesome place. (Please let me know if I committed a typo in links ) Image courtesy of Rawich at