Using a great task analysis tool–Excel Sheet

When you are an entrepreneur, the most important frame of mind that you need is problem solving. Entrepreneur fights his/her way through a multiple number of issues every week , be it financial, sales or anything else under the sun. Problem solving mind-set can work to entrepreneur’s advantage. The most important thing is not to get overwhelmed but work on one thing at a time. Break down bigger tasks into smaller ones, prioritize and make a list. Use Excel for doing this. You don’t really need anything fancy. Put these columns
  1. Task
  2. Date of writing the task
  3. Today
  4. Date of completion of the task
  5. Deadline if you prefer.
  6. Difference between date of completion(4) and writing the task(2)
  7. Difference between today and date of writing the task
  8. Priority( Low/medium/high)
  9. Remarks
Use a great excel sheet function called as TODAY() for column 4. It will give you the best way to measure how much time has gone by since you wrote down the task. That value will tell if you are really putting off the task too. If days go too far, complete that task first and then move on to something else. You can also find out on which priority you are falling behind. Then you can write in remarks why you took so long. Analyse and improve :). Here, I gave you a small easy analytical tool.