Your level of engagement decides quality of your group or tribe

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If you ever owned a group or blog, you know who in it is a conversation starter. In majority times, it is you. You are the leader of your tribe. You get good number of followers because you are smart, beautiful / handsome and also a great conversationalist. In the course of time, you get enough followers.

Soon you start thinking that “Yes, I have made it. I wanted a community of about five thousand plus people and I have got them. I have become known and famous. This cycle of getting more and more followers will be eternal and spontaneous”. Right?

Reply: As Arnold said in one of his movies “Wrong”.

A loose application of second law of thermodynamics takes over

Equivalently, perpetual motion machines of the second kind are impossible.

Since the objectives have been met, the group owner gets a feeling that there is no need to engage the audience. He or she starts ignoring the group/community because his/her followers are creating discussions by themselves. More people are joining because the group is famous. It is feeding on itself. People are starting conversations and managing by themselves. Everything is okay till reality hits back.

What just happened?

Well it’s called as second law of thermodynamics.

Your group starts facing the problems common to societies, countries and groups which do not have effective leadership. They start disintegrating. Trolls take over, fights erupt and there is chaos. If this is too dramatic for you, then your group and community start losing its direction. The faithful leave the group and move on to those places which resembled your group/community like before. You as a group owner just left the conversation to feed on itself. Ever seen how a TV show degenerates into chaos if everyone shouts at the top of their voices. You have left the group to feed on its own which it can never do without you looking over. You were the owner of your tribe. You refusal to engage anymore has left your followers in a quandary.

How do you know you are not engaging enough?

When the people, who use to turn up and participate suddenly decided to drop off. When the conversation after the group became bigger appear more mundane than interesting. When you know that inexperience of the group is weighing heavily on conversation and the only experienced person in the room is yourself. The group then feels like an echo chamber.

I was recently made moderator of a blogging group. I really never asked for it. I participated in discussions and gave suggestions. That was good enough for the owner of group. Now that I have accepted the post of the moderator, I still try to participate wherever I can.

If the owners/ moderators do not operate the group it will degenerate fast.

How do you get your group back?

It’s not hard. There would be people who remembered you. They liked the things you did. They liked your brand image and the way you engaged with them.

Restart. Talk to them individually. Tell them you want them coming back. Ask them for feedback.

Do not ever think that people don’t have choices. In the age of internet, loyalty is one of the most fickle variables. There is huge competition for limited number of people. You alone are responsible for lack of engagement with your audience and the moment you slack, you are done.

Do you agree / disagree? Please comment below.

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