Be inspiring even if you failed in the past

Recently, I was involved in discussion. A young blogger wanted to know if he should make blogging as his new career option instead of the uninteresting corporate job.

The responses ranged from the really moderate like  “It is a tough world” to rather extreme “How will you buy a house?”  to really extreme “How are you going to feed your family?”. I am sure the guy was around five to six years away from getting married and about ten years from having his first kid ( based on calculation based on current society trends).

The interesting part was that there were not many positive voices. It seems that a lot of people had burned themselves in blogging and entrepreneurship and thus were unwilling to offer much positive. All they said was “You are not going to make a lot of money for a very long time”.

It is indeed true unless you are funded by hotshots moneybags, you as a boot-strapper will take a long time to make any kind of money. You would see people blowing trumpets as how much millions they made and if that kind of depress you, remember that most of these stories are still to be verified.

An entrepreneur like everyone else wants to make money and to live a happy, stress free life. However he/she gets a slightly higher dose of stress because of uncertainties and failures. So he becomes cynical and start preaching pessimistic things to people around him.

A noted philosopher from India, Swami Vivekananda once said and I quote here

Take Risks In Your Life. If You Win, You Can Lead. If You Lose, You Can Guide

When I quit my job, I had to contend with many a disbelieving faces. But thankfully these days entrepreneurship is far common than just three to four years back.

I only wondered if the entrepreneurs who were advising the newbie the right thing. They were more cautious than optimistic. Sometime we need to set the sail in unknown waters to find new lands. Sometimes we have to take the beaten path which has seen many casualties to see the light at the end of tunnel. Always guide aspiring entrepreneurs and risk takers to the right path but never discourage them.

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  • Ashvini, it’s so true that “he/she gets a slightly higher dose of stress because of uncertainties and failures”. A person needs to be aware of this. And if it does take a long time to make money in a certain area, they need to be prepared for that too.
    On the other hand, whenever I hear someone I know is starting a business I’m their biggest fan! :-)

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  • You definitely need to be honest with them Ashvini which I know you were. I think too many people lead them into false promises when all they really want is the truth. There are plenty of people out there who are really willing to do the work that it takes if they only know what they’re in for. I mean the rewards are so wonderful and something to definitely look forward to.

    Great advice and I hope he takes it too!


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    • Hi Adrienne,

      People do get into a pessimistic mindset. It was all over evident there. The theme was extremely cautious. I don’t think that anyone can make it big without taking calculated risks. And no was talking about the impending success, increase in knowledge and increased connections.
      I was cautious but I was sure to raise his hope. After all we want more bloggers not less :).

  • Good! It seems that, like in any other business, some become successful while others don’t. On the Internet it is so easy to become viral and start spreading things. Very few people who go blogging big time actually have anything valuable to say in the first place and when they don’t succeed with the rehash of copy, paste and relabel, they get bitter and say bad things to newcomers. This is a kind of “I didn’t succeed so neither can you” logic, which tends to create downward spirals instead of honestly sharing one’s own experience.

    • Rana Bullseye :). Many people are into copy pasting business. They forget that it does not bring everlasting success. So they become bitter and start telling negative things. It is not bad to be cautious but I am sure that day, the guy asking for advise must have become depressed :)

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