Is exiting a business on your mind? Plan for it now

My bank from last many years decided to drop many customers(including me) for reasons that are not known. Probably they are winding operations or letting go of unprofitable customers. Recently a TV channel provider decided to reduce the number of services they offered to their former premium customers. It appears strange that in the mad rush to get more customers, a few businesses are exiting business and letting go of their customers.

Why would business like to drop customers?

Business do drop customers from time to time. To an entrepreneur , dropping a customer is unthinkable because in entrepreneurship, having customers is a privilege, forget about dropping them. A business may decide to drop customer maybe because of the cost of servicing them exceeds cost of retaining. Another reason is that the market demand has caused them to exit one market and move to another. Often a business that is spread out may want to consolidate.

Is the business dropping customers or reducing privileges greedy ?

Not necessarily. Based on the market dynamics, business often would like to concentrate more on profitable segments. For example a retail chain selling clothes to all  age group would like to sell it to a particular age group only. A business might decide to move into mass category rather than staying in high end segment.  Thus a business might drop the privileges associated with the segment they are moving out or even let customers go.

What is the best way to drop any unprofitable business?

If you do decided to drop a business or customer, be aware that such a step will affect a large number of stakeholders, including suppliers, customers and employees . It is a good idea to plan in advance, give them enough notice so that they can prepare for the fallout. Business should return their deposits or belongings as soon as possible. Just don’t make do it suddenly and disappear. You would be called as cheater even if you have no intention of cheating.

Communicate well

Most stakeholder do understand business’s need to reorganize. Even they won’t like it but they will eventually understand. It is your job to explain clear reasons for exit or dropping of privileges. Give them alternatives if any.  Thank them for their business. I am sure done in a better manner , it can win your business friends for a long time. Entering and exiting businesses and acquiring and dropping customers is part of business strategy. However it should not be done in unplanned manner. It is good business to be even polite and open while closing it.