Talking about your customers creates better customer engagement

by Ashvini on March 1, 2013 · 8 comments

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Your customer may either be people or  business. As a business owner, the most important thing is to get your customers talk about you. It increases your reputation and subsequently you get more business.

All the business aspire to be popular among their customers. However, no one ever gives much thought about their customer’s desires and aspirations. Your customers may be large or small , popularity or not , but like you they also crave for a little more visibility. And the best way is to act as a great host to your customers .

For example, in the blogging world, there are a number of awards that are constantly awarded by a few bloggers to other bloggers. These awards do not carry any monetary value. However it helps those awarded to gain a surge in publicity and good name.  the bloggers who give these awards also gain by showing that they care for their readers. Everyone wins. Even though readers cannot be called as your customers but you get the point.

Social media is really not about you

You are successful and people vouch for your word. However they don’t want to hear you, all the time. They want you to acknowledge them sometimes too . You don’t need to flatter but you could do well to share things that they created or shared with you. A good idea is to get fans who engage with you and also vice versa. Even writing good things about your customers may bring them more closer to you.

Remember . talking about others often gets them talking about you.

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