Do you think before spending on things you enjoy?

One of my friends was in dilemma. He wanted to get into a related field. He needed to learn new skills and to do things better. He planned an investment of about $3000, on buying a really high tech computer.

The problem was, that he was not sure , if the investment was worth it. Another question in his mind was, if he could recover this investment in time. So he asked me about what he should do?

I asked him the following questions.

  1. Can he afford it without breaking his bank? He said yes
  2. Will he enjoy the work that he is going to do ? Again yes
  3. In the long term, will the cost matter in terms of skill gained and money made? No

The point was simple; if you love doing something , there is absolutely no dilemma about spending on it. If you are passionate about something, you will learn to use the equipment in no time and it would add to your proficiency levels .

Now, about money. If money could be quantified into enjoyment we get from creating things, we would be billionaires each. If you can afford it, there is no need to wait to do things you have been dreaming of. I have spend a lot of money on learning guitar. Do I play like a pro ? Maybe. Can I perform in concerts? No way . Am I loving what I am doing? Yes. Nothing can take that joy away from me.

Even if you don’t make a dime on that investment, you could still make money teaching people who could :). So there is no dilemma in my opinion.

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