Things that are more important than advertising

It often happens that a different runs of a TV series is launched on two different channels. One channel breaks the serial into many parts, inserts many ads and then launches it. Another TV channel put in a 20 second break, almost good enough to get popcorn and be back in time. As it happens it is the second TV channel, I stick to more. They run their episodes back to back on Saturday and with small breaks, it is often very convenient to watch them one after the other. Since the actual size of the serial is only 30 minutes, the rest of 30 minutes are used to show snippets of other programs (or ads) from the same channel. Thus, I spend more time on this channel. The problem with advertising People hate to be interrupted. As it life is very stressful. It is really bad when the channel breaks a story just before climax to show you the ads. I am quite sure that most of us either walk away and come back later or switch to other channels on break. Neither the advertiser nor the channel gains much in terms of audience. Unless the ad is very interesting, it often ends up people ignoring them. Do you have enough money? If your venture is well funded, it is really hard to come up with a plan that will conserve money. Things are often wasted when they are available in abundance. If you have your hands on $1 million jackpot money from somewhere, the first thing is to blow it up on mass advertising. That is what one very promising start-up does here. The moment they get money, their ads start popping up. People remember who they are and probably it boosts their sales for the time ad is running. The moment money dries, the ads too vanish, indicating that something is not really right. You cannot outrun ad spend by biggies For example, you( an entrepreneur) have a product that is in direct competition with giants in the industry, can you ever outspend them? No. The only way to compete is to go simple, connect more with people and build your brand slowly. Until you get to a critical mass, do not even bother about going mass advertising way. There are plenty of other things that need your money Money is finite for an entrepreneur. Spending on advertising may bring short term boost but it will never bring long lasting success which can only come with better products, good customer relationship and happier employees. All of them cost money. First build a business with solid ground; you can hire advertising agencies anytime later. <p>Image courtesy of Billboard] / <a href="" target="_blank"></a></p>