Avoiding “Yes Men”

Surrounding yourself with Yes man is the worst thing a leader could do. The glorification starts when the group that he or she is in becomes an echo chamber. A leader is then surrounded by people who agree to whatever he or she say. Such a leader risks getting the wrong advice. When one is not so famous, there is a lot of crowd at the bottom of the rung. As they start to rise in the career or business, they attract people who are willing to follow every word they say. Thus every quote is exaggerated, every tweet is retweeted a thousand time. People like being flattered . But often the flattery is a form of deceit. The unrestricted flattery often make leaders assume that the things they are doing are completely right. Flattery with intention to deceive often is done so as to gain something from the leader. Politics is full of it and unfortunately corporations are also not immune to it either. There is a difference between genuine appreciation ( which may happen without asking ) and flattery ( which is often given freely). Yes it does feel great when one is praised for their success at something. However,  with every round of success, the leader’s ego gets a little bit higher. Praise from media pour in. People talk about them. Thus they may become overconfident. On the flip side, people who provide valid criticism are looked upon with suspicion. I have seen a number of corporate leaders, managers who enjoy the glory that comes with handling bigger teams or projects. Their competence would have got them the position they are at now. But their lack of ability to separate good from the bad works against them. They become arrogant. They alienate the well wishers. They think others are incompetent. This is the start of downfall or if not downfall then that of stagnation. If you are in position where you have followers and make considerable impact on people or business around you, it is a good idea to stay humble. Keep yourself at arm distance from “yes men” because they only increase your ego. Also remember the fact that these “Yes men” will desert you when you face any trouble.