Real entrepreneurship is about making an impact

Once I played an April fools prank on my Facebook friends. I told them that I had won a high worth contract because of my blog. I have many blogger friends and no one even took the bait. As a result the prank fell flat. The reason for pessimism was obvious. Not many bloggers make money from blogging. And then there are those who blindly follow what other successful bloggers are doing. Most of them end up nowhere. Thus, many of them quit soon. It is important to have ambition and it is important to see them through. Often the motivation of young bloggers is to make enough money that helps them become independent and that they do not need to ask money from their parents. However noble is the aim, making money as the sole criteria for your success is bound to lead to failure. A family I know is going to start their own business. They are already dreaming about the riches. Nothing wrong with that but rarely people become rich and famous in a few years.  Most often, the rich had to work for years before they got somewhere. The famous had to continually build their image before they became famous. True entrepreneurs always struggle and they are aware of it. There will be other voices too, telling that it is indeed possible to become rich if we employ right methods. Yes we can but I cannot imagine if everyone becomes rich then how will we define rich and poor. If some method has made someone rich, it cannot work for everyone. Property prices often rise when economy is doing great. But they fall like dead ducks when things go bad. In that case people who did not sell at right time are the biggest losers. It has got nothing to do with intelligence or prophecy. It is just plain luck that someone has got it right and others did not. More : read Black Swan by Nicholas Taleb. Entrepreneurship is more about discovery than the fixed step. If you wish to start a factory , you would take steps 1 , 2 , 3 etc. If you wish to make profit out of it, you will have to be innovative. So you need to take steps 1,4,2,3 or in any other order. You cannot pre-decide the order of steps. You will learn as you go and something might click. Entrepreneurship is about trying the solutions that work to enhance your impact. Constrained by money you can only think very small even though you might have a larger potential. Create great stuff consistently and surely money and fame are going to come your way. Create your own path. Learn from others but don’t do a slave like copy.