Challenging yourself

If you play guitar for fun , you would feel that sometimes you just want to throw it away. Initially when you pick up the guitar, all you want to do is learn a few songs that you have been listening to all your life. You probably want to make an impression on people how good you are. Once you learn a few songs, you hit something  called as rut or plateau. The more you learn the more plateaus you get. The plateaus become smaller and they come in higher frequency now. I remember the worst part in playing guitar was to stretch my fingers so that they could cover six to seven frets. Initially it looked impossible but slowly with time , I was able to accomplish it. At points like these many musicians just give up. However it is exactly the point where actually the artist inside you has started to develop. Letting go at that time is the worst thing you can do. Challenging yourself is the hardest thing to do. Yes, one can be pushed by others to do things but the challenge often needs to come from inside. As an entrepreneur , life is a challenge almost everyday. Sometimes the challenges prove to be very difficult and sometime they are like walk in the park. The entrepreneur knows that he or she has no choice but to tackle these challenges head on. Not doing so means lost opportunities. These challenges make him or her learn new things which can be applied later on in an another problem. You cannot be an entrepreneur if you are so scared of problems and you want to run away the moment you see them. If you do not have courage, develop it or if you don't have skills then learn them . The best way is to continuously learn from the challenges and incorporate them. That means you will need to climb tough mountains. As you get better at them, you will see that mountains will now appear at a higher frequency. The challenges will not be about difficulty but also about frequency. If you then look back you will see that you have come a long way. You are at a place where others can only dream of being at. How would you feel then ?