Entrepreneurship is not only about getting that “great” idea

Entrepreneurship is often considered synonymous to unlocking a great idea and then making money off it. Unfortunately this definition also mean that a lot of people who are good at certain skills but do not get that "brilliant idea" stay away from becoming an entrepreneur. To me this is a wrong reading of the concept. Entrepreneurship is  about getting an idea and then bringing it to the execution. However it is not really necessary that one get an outlandish ideas and then only he or she becomes successful. A market consists of sellers and buyers. Sometimes buyers have an upper hand , sometime sellers. The market is always imperfect and even the smartest brain cannot predict who will win in the long run. An expert’s guess is same as that of commoner. Trends often give you a great peek into future. Trends go up high before they become stable. The non serious players riding those trends are weeded out. An entrepreneur can utilize trends to his or her own advantage by exploiting opportunities where they occur. It really does not need great ideas to do that. Taking an existing market and slicing it in such a way that one gets a good slice of the imperfection that exists in the market is a good start. That means if market is playing for premier goods, then entrepreneur can exploit the commodity part of it. If the market is growing yet small, entrepreneur can create products to quickly exploit the growth. If the market needs professionalism while all it gets is a tardy service, entrepreneur can bring in professionalism. It really does not need great ideas to do that. All it needs is a careful analysis, breaking up markets into logical segments and then determining what works the best. You may or may not be successful but entrepreneurship is more about trying and losing till you get the winning streak. And knowing and figuring out what works is a long term process.