Relationship building is the key to success

My blogging friend and mentor Adrienne Smith often writes about developing relationship with fellow bloggers. Building relationship is very important to be successful. It is important that you build relationship with as many people as possible. However in practice it is very hard to build relationship with a huge number of people .Due to the limited time, it is best to build relationship that work out for both the sides. All relationship start the same way, be it business or personal. We start with a hello and then add a few niceties. Later on we discuss about our thoughts on a particular subject. Then we visit the person’s place (offline or online) and a friendship is formed. Sometimes these relationships work out extremely well and sometimes they don’t. In case of personal relationships, people move closer and often result in partners living together for the rest of the life. While in professional relationship, they move into formation of alliances and partnerships. Out of a number of new “acquaintances”, you will probably make one or two lifetime friends. The relationships that I have had with my blogger friends started with a comment on their blog and then reciprocation from them or vice versa. We managed to find common areas where we could help each other. Meeting them online and talking to them brought us closer even though we physically miles apart. Its very hard to figure out what works for one in business. Businesses rise and go bust all the time in the world. The same is with relationships. You can build relationships with a lot of people. However with a few you will always find a higher level of comfort or connect. You need to strengthen those relationships. The most important point in a relationship is building genuine trust. My blogging friends trust me with sometimes solving their technical issues and share access details with me. I feel honored because of that. If we are not honest with each other, relationships can come crumbling down like a pack of cards. Even online relationships take their time. People usually take more time to feel easy with someone online than offline. It is important that if you are building relationship for any reason ( personal or business) , be honest and genuine. Also be patient because it provides great rewards in the long run.