Don’t fall for entrepreneurship , really!!!

Society loves people who conform to its standard. It is easy to make people fall in line because a) Familiarity gives comfort b) It is easier to control people c) Mavericks often cause disruptions which may reverse the conventional wisdom. Society wants everyone to follow the beaten track. The more  a person wants to do something different the louder he hears voices against him / her. It is told  that the path that is known, trusted and taken the most, is the best path. Why? Because it offers certainty. It is how life moves on and how everyone should be. Entrepreneurs are mavericks. They make things different. They change the model of doing business. They spot the inefficiencies and they build systems to exploit them. Most of them fail but that is the part of the game. Failure is acceptable in entrepreneurship even though society may reject it. The tendency is to discourage and bring back people who have gone astray back to the fold. A true entrepreneur rejects the established rules. He or she rejects the idea that if something is working then its better not to break it. He goes out and tries to make it work even better or invent something completely different. In the process , he may go bankrupt, earn peanuts and face a lot of stress. It does not matter. The important thing is that he or she tried and did things that not many could dream of. At least when he talks , he talks from the sheer experience and maturity. The practicality of his solution is just plain awesome. If you have not been an entrepreneur, why not give it a try? If you lose you can always go back to straight and simple. Or would you? Remember entrepreneurship is addictive. Don’t fall for it.