Lack of professionalism may sting badly

SMS lingo is not a language. Yes it is fun to use when one is chatting or sending text messages to friends. However it is highly unprofessional to use it when you are in a professional group. A lot of youngster think that it is cool and funky to write in such a way or that it makes them popular. Or worse they are careless about what they are writing. I have seen mails from organization where they don’t even bother to do a spell check before sending the email to customers. Often the resumes that are sent to companies are not only poorly written but also they have significant grammatical and spelling errors. I do not claim to be best writer in English myself. I make mistakes too. However they are not glaring so as to change the complete meaning or cause confusion to the evaluator. The resume creators never even pressed the spell check button on Microsoft Word. That would have solved some of the problem at least.

Lack of professionalism

Professionalism is core to business relationship. In any forum unless it is for fun , you are probably trying to build a reputation for your self. When you forward your CV you are not only making an impression right away but you are also making it easier for yourself to sail through interview. Every time you interact in a forum and write funnily or in SMS lingo, you are losing respect. No matter you are there for fun but if you want to get noticed, being professional is a good start. You may be a genius but no one really likes an arrogant genius. You don’t win any points for being impolite and unprofessional. If a company perceives you as a non team player, you will not get a job with them ever. Be professional and gain respect. You never know who is looking for some work and you miss out because you were not careful.