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  1. Silviu
    July 8, 2013

    Hi Ashvini,

    I agree. Buying likes is not a good idea. Building likes is better.
    I understand it is not a walk in the park. However, the trip seems too long.
    I created a profile page, for example and started to post things. I joined different groups, created lists, commented on other people posts, status updates, asked questions, tried polls etc.
    In one year I have shared about 1000 posts. This means about 80 posts per month or about 3 posts per day. I also created a like page and posted 300-400 posts there, most of them not from my site. Now, let’s see the results. In 1 year I’ve got 100 friends and 40 likes.
    At this pace I will do business in about 50 years. The ride is too long.
    My opinion: success doesn’t come from facebook.
    You must reach success outside facebook. Then you will just turn to your army of followers and ask them politely: go an like my page. Then facebook will start to work in you favor. This seems the only way to succeed.

    Have a nice day

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