Getting likes is hard work

It is a must to have online presence if you have a business/blog. You can establish it by starting a business page on various social networking sites. Next step usually is to get some people to like your page in order to build your brand. There are two ways to get likes on your page ( which indicates how many people like your page and are looking to read what you post there).
  • Buy Them : Yes, some people do provide that service
  • Build Them
First method is easy but only temporary till all the fake/real likes you have got, disappear because people will unlike them. a) They were pulled in by deceit of the spammer b) They have no interest in what you are saying Second method is hard. It takes serious engagement with the people who have liked the things you shared and are willing to be entertained  a little more. You will need to keep the “+1” . You will need to put in a few more hours of hard work. Rewards will come to those who use second method. Of course it is going to be a long walk but it is going to an interesting one. It all depends on what one wants to build, a long sustainable brand or a spammer portal.