Motivate yourself even when you’re depressed!

A couple of days back, one of my friend was so depressed when he failed in some point of his life so badly that he wanted to commit suicide. If you’ve failed somewhere in your life, it is the plan which has failed, not you! Get up, accept it, and move on in your life. Take things positively, you might end up learning which caused that failure, and dare not repeat that same mistake in near future. That’s the way you should live. If there is a will, there is surely a way! How do I motivate myself? 1. Preparing yourself :- You’re not mentally fit for moving on. You’re depressed, you’re feeling low and you want some space. Yes, I know how it feels. A friend of mine failed in class 11th, he repeated 11th standard, believed in himself, topped the school in 11th, topped the school in 12th too. He was doing it so hard, he cracked JEE too, but he joined NIT because he could not get his desired branch in IITs. He could have committed suicide too but he didn’t. Why? Because he believed in himself. Believe in yourself, life isn’t easy. 2. Solitude & coffee :- Moving on does not mean you forget your past. It means, improving yourself, and performing better. Take a hot cup of coffee/tea, sit alone in some peaceful space and simply think about your failure. You will soon start to analyse about the part which caused failure. Once you have done that, you are ready to move to step number 3. Cheers! 3. Unleashing the beast in you :- In this part, I’ll reveal you to yourself, to your inner soul. It is a child’s play. Listen to hard-core songs, which will bring adrenaline rush. I’m a metal head, when I’m depressed, I listen to songs like Warrior of the World, Angels don’t kill and the list goes on and on. If this does not work, watch some of the inspirational speeches, you can easily get them on Google or YouTube. I personally get inspired from Sandeep Maheshwari’s – Last Life changing Seminar. 4. 1st step towards success :- The first step towards success is the biggest step. Since you have figured out your weak points which caused failure before, work on them, excel them. In this step, you’re working on yourself, this is the best step since you are changing yourself for your own good. 5. 2nd step towards success :- Start everything from scratch again, with a high level curiosity, give your 100% effort. By 100%, I mean only One Hundred per cent only. If I give you a 1 litre of bottle, can you fill 2 litres of water in it? Obviously no, it will overflow and hence the water is wasted. You can substitute the hard work with wasted water when you tried to give more than 100%. Giving 110% or 200% is just a myth, no one can over-perform more than his capacity. 6. Fail Early, Fail Fast :- Yes, I know you will fail again, because you’re a human being, not a computer. Life does not come with an instruction pamphlet. Fail Early because failing late is not a good habit. If you fail after your 90% of work is done, you’ll lose plenty of your hard work. Fail Fast means you should fail quickly, it simply means that you should not try to avoid the mistake, make the mistake, accept it, correct it. This is how it works. 7. Hard Work :- Hard work is the key for success, I know a blogger, who used to work for 14-16 hours daily in his initial days. Now he earns over $10,000/month. Even if you consider Ashvini Kumar Saxena (owner of this blog), he studied for 16-18 hours daily to get admission in IIT. As a result, his hard work paid off and got what he achieved. 8. Be Confident :- Even I, I used to go blank in examination hall. It happens, you just need to improve yourself. Since you know you’ve done plenty of hard work, you should be confident. Don’t feel nervous, just be yourself. If you’ve done everything finely, you need not to worry about the result. Just be calm and composed, rest everything will go fine. 9. Rhythm is necessary :- If you achieve success, keep working on it, if I were you, I would have worked more harder. Get motivated by your success, it will boost you to do more. Yes we are human, put your greed in positive way, it works.   Author: Amit Kumar , a sixteen year old( or young)  bright and enthusiastic guy from Delhi. You can connect with him at He is a great friend of mine. He just got into college. Congratulations to him.