Terra Cotta Pendants–A site successfully gone live

Recently I assisted Lori Gosselin who is a great friend of mine ( She has a powerful, popular blog at Life for Instance ) to migrate Terra Cotta Pendants , a site that she owns. The site sells Pendants which when used with essential oil bring good luck to you. Initially the site was using older technology. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="230"] Terra Cotta Pendants[/caption]

Objective of the project

The site was to be migrated and I wanted her to move to WordPress based shopping cart system because WordPress is now default standard for content management systems and a shopping cart based on it has its own advantages.

Challenges we faced while working on the migration

  • Time Difference
  • Clock Ticking for migration as the old site was not going to be supported anymore
  • Getting all the plugins to work in a WordPress site
  • Team members located across the world
It took three months to migrate which is not much considering the challenges that we faced.

How did we resolve the issues

We got in a team from all around the world. While Lori is in Canada and Beke ( the technical development guy)  is from Romania. The site is hosted at Smackhunt.com owned by young entrepreneur, Nishant. I was consultant and advisor to the project, occasionally helping in technical area too. Good communication, team member cooperation, setting up clear roles and boundaries were essential. We managed to deliver project before time.

First project of mine managed through Facebook

We had quite a few learnings from the project. Though, this was not my first consulting project but it was first of its kind ( since I became an internet entrepreneur ) . It was my first project that was completely done using Facebook Chat communication. Lori and I had everyday meetings on Facebook Video Chat. Soon we moved to having group chat with other team members. It was a project that was coordinated completely on Facebook . Amazing isn't it?

Takeaway from the project

  • Keep sufficient time for evaluating alternatives
  • Develop a good working relationship with your team
  • Location of team members is not much of a constraint
  • Give enough time to project but keep the goal of getting to the end as soon as possible
  • As an owner of project, your most important job is to communication with team members
  • Sometimes technology can be overwhelming but keep working at it
  • Try not to do everything at once, break project into phases
  • If you can do without something, drop that thing( reduce complexity)
  • Keep an eye on the cost
  • Enjoy solving business/technical problems
So if you are interested in terra cotta pendants , go look at the stunning new site and do your shopping . It ships worldwide