Can we be innovative by un-educating ourselves?

It seems that a state in India will have millions unemployed this year. The slowdown has indeed taken its toll on economy in a huge way. People are finding difficult to get work. On the other hand is it easy to get any work done? No. There are so many opportunities which lie untapped. All the unemployed need to do is to take a hard look at what can be done to ease someone’s life and be good at doing that. However the biggest impediment to start making money is the education system, that trains people for job and not for being innovative.

An innovative product that serves the need of untapped market

In Bangalore, some of the enterprising people, who I suspect are not educated that well ( hence they are away from the whitewash of education) are into a unique business model. They hire a small wagon, and they stuff it with boxes of  home cooked food. They station themselves a little further away from busy road and start selling food. Their food is cheap and healthy ( since it is cooked at home). Soon they are flooded by people who cannot afford to eat in restaurants. Their customers are guards from the nearby buildings, auto rickshaw drivers, laborers and sometimes even middle class guys from nearby offices too. Once done, they pack up and leave to come back

another day. In times before liberalization of Indian economy, many ladies who stayed at home created great food products and sold them to their network. A woman I knew brought clothes in cheap from villages and sold it at higher price to her network. That was her way of earning money for her family. Despite not being educated she was street smart.

Education needs to free us up, instead it makes us slave

The purpose of education is to open up the mind rather than making it slave to job seeking ( when it is hard to get one). Not that everyone can get great ideas but one innovative mind can change the situation and in the process create more employment. Unlearning some of the things that we get taught by college and society is necessary to become innovative. Image courtesy of nixxphotography /