More likes are not equal to higher engagement

Sometimes one hears a weird story like for example, purchasing likes for your Facebook brand page. It is indeed a matter of prestige when your page has more likes. It indicates that your page is more popular, people read what you post and then you are gaining a good brand recognition. Or is it? A lot of people sell likes. I don’t have any idea how do they provides likes to a page. The only thing that I noticed is that people send me notification on Facebook to like a certain page. When I visit the page , I notice that the page does not give indication that it is owned by the person who has sent me the request. Once I got a request from a person to like a very popular blog’s Facebook page. I was sure that person who sent it was not the owner.

Missing the engagement part

Most of the marketers miss the point of engagement on social media. I could like your page just because I am your friend but I am not going to engage with you or read your stuff because a) it is not interesting enough for me b) I am deluded by your almost spammy posts on your page . The point of engagement is simple , to help people remember you, talk about you and participate in discussions that you create. It is not really about getting more and more fans but it is about those people who really like what you do. More fans may mean inflated ego but they do nothing to your brand image. Out of thousands that like your page for whatever it is worth only a few will appreciate what you are doing. Only they will care about your brand.

Focus on things that matter

The rules are not very different from the real world. People who are only your well wishers would go out of the way to talk well about you. Rest will remain as acquaintances. It pays to engage the former. Focus on more engagement , not more likes.