Beating the Overwhelming blues

Entrepreneurs are overwhelmed !

A small company or an entrepreneur has the problem of lesser resources at hand. That means they have to do most of the things by themselves

They spend most of the time solving urgent problems and  spending lesser time on the things such as branding , marketing or business development. They don’t have the finance or the necessary size to do everything. They concentrate on a very few areas often to over-deliver. This leads to neglecting other aspect of the business. Since they have got only twenty four hours just like anyone else, they end up getting overwhelmed.

As a small time entrepreneur, I  T have faced these sort of problems . Its easy to get overwhelmed while trying to do more in lesser time. Thus we end up doing less and depressed about uncompleted work.

However I have learned a few ways to beat the feeling of getting overwhelmed and doing things productively.

A few steps to beat “Overwhelming blues feeling”

  1. One cannot do everything by his own , so partnering and outsourcing is a good idea
  2. Minimum number of tasks done well will provide higher level of satisfaction than a large number of uncompleted tasks
  3. Planning for activities and also keeping a log of activities will help to keep track of things
  4. Advance preparation for the upcoming activities help. For example , if you need to do something regularly ( like posting articles for your blog), its better to write for a week and schedule them then wait for the week to arrive.
  5. Invest in your own business. If you feel a tool /software can help you make more productive invest in it. The time saved can be used to do some other activity.
  6. Don’t worry if you cannot complete everything. There is another day for taking a shot.
  7. You will get overwhelmed sometimes and it is just normal. Just take it in your stride and go with whatever you can do
  8. Remember the bigger picture. When you become successful , you will remember the days of your struggle and you would be proud of them.

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    • Hi Silviu,

      You are completely right. Time management is so important. I have been off track for sometimes. The post was a way for me to get back into schedule :). Hope I did not bore you with it .

      Thanks for your comment and have a great day :)

  • Hi Ashvini,
    You’re hitting here on the reason so many small businesses fail. The owners become overwhelmed working in the business and have frustrations about not having enough resources to work on the business! Lately I’ve been dividing my days so that I spend my higher-energy mornings planning, thinking, researching and in the afternoons I do things that require less of this energy – the stuff of working in the business. It’s a new plan but I’m liking it so far! :-)

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    • Hi Lori,
      We had plenty of discussions on this . I would say that I am still learning about organizing my work and sometimes it gets better of me. But I really like your plan. I think I can also make something on these lines to get back on track :).
      Thanks for your comment.

  • Hey Ashvini,

    I think the best tip is to plan ahead and keep a log of our activities (we can’t afford distractions – so use tools like StayfocusD and Rescue time to monitor our activities and block unnecessary distractions).

    I haven’t done much outsourcing – just a few, like eBook covers (sure, we may have awesome photoshop skills, but sometimes it is better to get others to design it. Like you mentioned, the most important thing is that we save our time – and use it for more important tasks).

    Anyways, thank you for the tips, Ashvini :)

    • Hi Jeevan,
      Yes you are correct. Keeping log is an excellent way to determine if we are on right track. I have done a little bit of outsourcing just like you and I am exploring more about it.
      Thanks for your comment and happy to see you back :)

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