Running after the fads

If you own a blog , you are often enticed by the deceptively sweet  emails that promise to take your blog to the top position on the web or get the best When you run a business, often a few people not with your best interest at heart, lure you into investing thousands of dollars ( or Rupees) into advertising for the things you sell. They promise that you will get the visibility but often their methods are questionable and their effectiveness is more about selling their stuff to you, rather than yours to customer. An entrepreneur who craves for publicity often resort to taking short term measure and end up in trouble. For example , in India ( as in most of the parts of world), sending spam by SMS is punishable by monetary fines. It has not stopped anyone from sending bulk message to people who hate to see them on their mobiles. Entrepreneurship is a lot of fun but it is also full of frustration and involves years of hard work, often with no immediate results. The lack of success sometimes propels entrepreneurs to take short cuts and lend themselves in legal or any other kind of trouble. Entrepreneurs are overwhelmed by fads and anything that gives them some publicity is like sweet music to their ears.

Entrepreneurs are vulnerable

People who know that entrepreneurs are vulnerable, because they either don’t know something or do not have time to learn it, succeed at making money at the expense of entrepreneurs. I remember when I started my first business, I was desperate to get some leads. I was approached by a person who promised to put my site at the top. Fortunately I thought better because their price was too high. I soon realised that what a waste of investment that could have been. Advertising is big money. It command big interests too. But can your business handle the kind of load if there was an instant surge in inquiries . Would it be good to return the calling customers because you are overwhelmed? I would be overwhelmed if I receive more than five queries on one day because I am the whole in sole in-charge of running the whole business. Yes I would like my business to jump a hundred times but I am not sure if my support for it is ready. So taking on my plate more than I can handle is a recipe for disaster.

Build relationships first

It is important to build relationships and spend time and money on keeping them rather than spending on advertising and fads which bring temporary traffic to your doorway. That traffic might go away next day because the excitement has died down. However long term relationships will always stay. Running after the fads is not always the best choice.