Going out of the way

What are the objective of consultant , salesman or a CEO of a company? To sell things and to make money, of course. The secondary ( and equally important ) objective is to make them come back for more. Most of the consultant, companies and salesmen lose out exactly after that first sale. Take for example , consulting. The job of consultant is not to provide solution to a particular problem but also approach it from different anglesĀ  so as to provide a thorough solution. A solution which not only removes current problem but making sure that the solution works for maximum possible scenarios, is going to please customer the most. Once I developed a solution that was for a difficult problem in my consulting assignment. Even though the problem area was not in my domain, I was able to provide input which helped the team solve problem. Even though the credit never reached me, my reputation had increased manifold with customer and the team. In similar situations, a salesman can make customer keep coming back for more if they sympathize with their needs and do not try to make a quick sale even when it looks easy. The sales man that has the best interest of customer at heart is going to make most long term sales. Companies which grow large often forget that their customer still expect the same quality of customer service which they used to receive when the company was small. Big companies often become rigid and inflexible , thus paving way for smart entrepreneurs to cash on the vacuum. The sin is that people interact with customers either just do enough or lesser than what is expected. Creation of good solution often involves creativity. Creativity is not any mystical force that suddenly dawns upon us. It happens when one keeps an open mind, collaborate with others, listen to new ideas and applies him/herself in the pursuit of objective. Once one knows this formula , there is never a lack of creativity in their lives. Sometimes it means going out of your comfort zone and making sure that if you cannot help solve a problem, you can show that at least you tried . Yes it takes some time of yours but think of this as an investment in relationship building. Going above and beyond your job description is like creating an asset for the future .