When entrepreneur gets sick

Recently I had to undergo an operation. It was sudden and I had no time to prepare for it. Fortunately it was a short operation.  The post operation pain was enormous though and it was impossible for me to work on my blog or any thing else.

Entrepreneurs do get sick and unlike a salaried person, entrepreneurs need to take care of business even when they are sick. It gets difficult when they are involved in a sudden emergency and they are unable to inform their customers and other business partners.

Fortunately I did a few right things that helped me tide over this trouble.

I got insured way early

It has been over four years I left my job. The first thing I did was to get an insurance from private medical insurer. That saved me around $500 for operating expenses. If you don’t have an employer to cover you , it is the first thing you need to do. Also the earlier you do it , it is better because you get unclaimed bonus and premiums are low.

I informed my friends/acquaintances on Facebook

A few of my Facebook friends are my customers too and it was easiest for me to inform them through Facebook. I got full support from them and I was able to recover without them facing any issues.

I stopped registration on my other website

As soon as I recovered a little bit, I put a notice on my WordPress website that I was out of action for sometime. I stopped the new registration because it was impossible for me to support any new customer.

I took help from family

My wife helped me a lot in my recovery while handling her office work and my post operation demands. I also called my mother to my home to help me recover.

I took plenty of rest and doctors advise

The objective was to get back  to work as early as possible and it was not easy. I took plenty of rest, stayed away from work and followed doctor’s advice seriously.

Entrepreneurs get into a lot of trouble when a sudden disaster strikes them. One needs to plan for such an eventuality in advance. Now that I am back to blogging, lets connect once again Smile

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  • Hi Ashvini,

    Welcome back! I’m so sorry to hear that you had emergency surgery; hopefully you are now well on your way to recovery. And we’re happy to see you. :)

    It sounds like you made smart choices: prioritizing you (and not your business); separating the “musts” from everything else, and asking for and accepting help. While we like to think that our businesses are indispensable, the reality is that they are not — but we are. So very glad you’re taking the time you need to get healthy.

    • Hi Daria,

      Thanks :). It was a painful period . Though it is not over yet, the next stage does not look very complicated, which is a good thing :). I lost around three months to recovery which is quite a big time . I agree that we need to take care of ourselves first rather than our businesses.
      It gave me some time to think about what I am doing right/wrong and make amends for future :).

  • Good to hear that you are back, Ashvini :)

    Hope everything is good. I think the most important aspect, in a situation like this, is support from our friends and family.

    I have been preparing a plan, sort of like a contingency plan for situations like these: my blog during family emergencies, vacations, and that sort of thing. My first step is to be prepared with posts (and a general post/email template for announcing a situation like this to my readers/subscribers).

    I am planning to keep at least 7 posts prepared early; should be plenty considering that I am only publishing once or twice a week. I am also writing a post based on this, so that I will be committed unto finishing this plan, instead of keeping it for later ;) (My contingency for my contingency plan :P).

    Anyways, good luck with the future! Thanks for sharing this ;)

    • Jeevan, that is a perfect plan. I have also been working on the similar lines . I have been able to write only two posts in advance though ;). The important thing is to take care of our health and follow doctor’s advice. Best wishes for your planning . Do let me know , how it goes .

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