Four ways to improve customer service

Have you ever been in a customer service situation where the customer service person is unavailable or is unresponsive to your needs? Often a customer needs to punch in many numbers through his/her phone before reaching an agent. There is more irritation to the customer if the phone disconnects after that. Customer service is perceived as hard and difficult job. However , it is not very different from selling products. The presence of human touch is absolutely essential. The most important thing is to develop a connect with the customer. One needs the right attitude to do it. Also the policies of company, processes and regular measurements like customer satisfaction survey brings in transparency to customer service.

Four ways to develop a better service program

#1: Attitude of employees – Right hiring

Hiring employee who love to interact with humans and can make it their job the whole day is essential. The best fit for this kind of job is the one who commands or has potential to develop skills that involve human interaction, keeping a cool head and also being capable of empathising with troubles of customer.

#2: Policies of management – Transparency, productivity

Once employees with right skills are hired, what needs to be done? Of course, they need to be taken care of. Without appropriate policies for their appraisal and motivation, you are bound to lose them fast.
  • Designing training program that helps them to increase their confidence while handling customers
  • Putting them into role playing situations
  • Mentoring by seniors
  • Good appraisal policies

#3: Processes – designed for humans

As said above, if you make customer run through loops even though you have the best people to serve them, it is just not enough. They will not only get irritated but also would be more than willing to go with your competitors
  • If possible make them reach customer agent as soon as possible
  • Get a customer call back system ( where you call the customer in case he/she waits for a longer time
  • Make it easy for agent to answer calls by providing better tools for productivity

#4: Measurements – Continuous improvements

Every interaction matters, not only to determine customer service level but also effectiveness of the processes that you have put in. Good measurement tools like surveys helps one to determine if the customer service program is indeed working good
  • Create customer surveys
  • Ask customer to provide feedback proactively
  • Create loyalty among customers by using loyalty programs
It is important to understand that one is dealing with humans while serving them. Making process easy saves time for both agents and customers. Good training helps agents provide better service to customers. What other methods you recommend? Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /