Why is tracking and measuring your goal important

It was hard for me to personally create goals and measure them till now. Though I could set goals easily, I got distracted from them most of the time and eventually I lost the track of how much I was deviating from them. A lot of my blogging friends closed their blogs and moved on to other business/activities. Blogging is really hard work just like any other business and a blog without a goal is like a ship without a steer. One may reach a shore but it probably won’t be the one that they were aiming for. I believe that a lot of bloggers do not go into details of why things are wrong. They just assume, oh the traffic is down, they must be doing something wrong. Entrepreneurs like bloggers do not feel strong enough to track their progress. The word tracking , monitoring and measuring have connotation with bureaucracy and large organizations, which entrepreneurs do not want be associate with . However, large organizations do this thing right and we need to learn from them.

When did I discover the joy of Tracking and measuring?

A case in the point is my own blog. It was hit by Google updates and like millions of small blogs suffered a terrible loss in traffic. I did not have any idea, why it was hit and after a lot of researching I decided to give up looking to Google, to give me any more respect. I am sure a business you know, would have faced similar scenario. It is impossible to run a small business on internet today, be hated by Google and yet be successful. I then decided to look at the analytics for my blog. I found that I was still getting traffic on one of my blog post. So, uncle G did not hate me completely. I found that the bounce rate ( percentage of people, who leave the blog after landing on that post)  on that post was nearing 90%. I decided to bring it down. I changed a number of things on the post, added more pictures, made it much more readable. In a month or so bounce rate on that post dropped to 75% which meant that people were not leaving the blog as much compared to before. I also decided to work on traffic building strategies and this is what I got in the end

What monitoring means to us as entrepreneurs?

We entrepreneurs may ignore the measurement aspect of our work. However measurement can lead us to create better strategies. Let us take an example: A really broad goal: I want to make money selling products on internet. Not so broad: Get traffic on your blog and then convert it to sales Focused goal: Increase traffic on my blog by 10% and convert 10% of it to sales I hope you get the point. Having a goal is important , but monitoring the progress is equally important.  Takeaway
  • Create goals and from them sub goals
  • Monitor the progress
Image courtesy of rakratchada / FreeDigitalPhotos.net